La La Land: Believe the Buzz


I finally got around to watching La La Land. Babyboo slept through the entire two hours and the husband was a good sport too. I had entered the cinema hall fairly certain that he will be rolling his eyes during the singing and dancing sequences but I was pleasantly surprised. He seemed deeply invested in the movie.

I had been hearing amazing things from a lot of people. Then there was the Oscar buzz as well. Most importantly though, it starred Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone and they are a pair made in Hollywood heaven. Crazy, Stupid Love and the dirty dancing scene, anyone? Swoon-worthy!

Hence we got our tickets booked and went with very high expectations. Honestly, watching the very first song and dance sequence I was kind of uneasy with how the movie would unfold. But things picked up from the first scene with Stone flipping the bird to Gosling. Things just got better and better from there.

Let me just say it was a really good movie. I was about to write brilliant but I’m still upset about the ending. I’m a sucker for happy endings and was rooting really hard for these two to end up together but I do understand how that would have weakened the film’s narrative.

While Gosling can do no wrong and was perfection as usual, I have to comment on how outstanding Stone was as Mia. From the hopelessness and misery of failing in the auditions to the falling in love and seeing her partner succeed while she failed, she emoted each sentiment effortlessly. Her big doe eyes are expressive beyond belief.

The fact that both of them are not professional singers did not matter because the movie to me felt more authentic this way. They were shown as humans, not perfect in their trades yet very passionate.

The last sequence where an alternate reality is shown in which Mia and Sebastian meet, fall in love, achieve their dreams and live happily after is spectacular. You are left feeling bittersweet. Another scene that I loved was the one with the confrontation between the two. It started off as a romantic dinner between the two and escalated to another level where they question their future together.

All in all, it is a movie worth watching even for people who hate musicals. It is so much more than that. My husband leaned into me at the end of the movie with the credits rolling and muttered, ‘this was actually pretty amazing!’.Thank God for that or I wouldn’t have heard the end of it. He had sacrificed his boys night out for La La Land after all!



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