The Pounds Need a New Home

I’m a very spontaneous person. One day I will be completely determined to do something on the spur of the moment and the next day the determination would just die down. Persistence and I just don’t go together.

Today however is one of those days when I really really want to shed weight. Reason for this sudden motivation: on the weekend I tried my pre-pregnancy jeans on and they fit me. However the full length mirror in my wardrobe gave me too good a picture of the condition of my legs. They looked humongous- I kid you not. I can probably win a competition with an elephant for flabbier legs. Even my husband who is usually very nice about it told me I should probably wear another pair of jeans. These don’t look that nice. (He was trying to be subtle).

That brings me to today. I’m thinking of documenting my days and the level of physical activity and the kind of food I’m consuming. Who knows, if I persist, I can be the person with the before and after picture rotating on social media a month (too optimistic?) from now! Ha! Also it gives me motivation to write everyday since otherwise I don’t often know what to write about. Win-win situation, ya?

Let’s see how long I can manage to do this.

Day 1- Monday, January 23rd 2017

Current weight checked after pooping 💩💩: 76.5 kgs

I started out planning the day with a list which included chores revolving about the baby, oiling my hair (because they really need some loving), cooking, cleaning and bathing. Pretty mundane stuff with the addition of working out.

Its 1.18 a.m. So far I have completed the breakfast related work, made the bed and did some cleaning. I put on the Leslie Sansone 15 minute video as a tester for the first day. It was a one mile walk. I barely made it to 9 minutes and a few seconds and the baby decided he has been ignored for too long and started throwing a tantrum. Defeated, I picked him up, cuddled him and offered a banana. He then wanted milk. Now abandoning all plans of working out for an hour I am feeding him and waiting for him to fall asleep. Let’s see what all I accomplish when he’s asleep.

Being the genius that I am, I have realized I can go down on all fours to mop the floor. This will kind of be like squatting mixed with crunches and can serve two purposes. Cleaning and exercising. Killing two birds with one stone!!😎

To be continued…


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