The Pounds Need a New Home- continued

As promised, I did clean the entire apartment floor on all fours after thoroughly sweeping the floor. Very Cindrella-esque of me. I wish I looked even half as graceful as this:


Oh dear god, it was so difficult. I would like to take this platform to salute all our desi domestic staff back in Pakistan who do it day after day and make it seem so easy. Cherry on top was the baby who was literally scared for Mama and would not stop crying. He thought something bad was happening to Mama. He wasn’t entirely wrong though. The work out was backbreaking. Also, I found out tiny details about dirt in random places that I was blissfully unaware of.

I also tried squatting while picking every toy that the baby had very effortlessly thrown all over the house so I guess that can also be categorized as working out.

On the clean eating front, I didn’t do a whole lot. I did try to incorporate a lot of fruits and cut down on portion sizes but I have yet to master the art. Soon inshaAllah!

Today is a new day. Let’s see what all I accomplish. I will surely keep you people posted. Please leave a comment to encourage me or give me any suggestions that you believe may be useful for me in this weight loss journey!


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